From Nashville to Milan

So you may or may not know that I am currently in Italy at the moment. I’m here touring around with the Belmont Chorale (the choir I sing in at school). I’m trying to update while I’m here so here’s a peak at what I’ve been up to!

On our plan ride my plan of action was to pop some sleeping pills, plug the ears, put the eye mask on, and doze. It went pretty well but I woke up just in time to see this view as we landed – the French Alps.

Once in Milan we got through customs pretty quickly, got our luggage onto the bus, and met our guide Elizabetta. She is the spunkiest, sweetest, Italian woman EVER.

Thankfully we got to run to the hotel quickly to change and grab some Pizza! It was our first experience trying to communicate in Italian (quite a scene). Emily with her translation book out, 5 girls giggling, one waiter smiling (because he was flirting with 5 American girls), and, finally, three pizzas. Then we took a guided tour of Milan. OUr first stop was the Church St.Ambrose built in 350’s A.D.

My roomie!!! (The imfamous Emily with the italian translation book)

Here is Ambrose!!! Cool a cucumber…

It was fun taking pictures out of the bus window of all the streets zig zagging their way between the viney buildings.

The second Cathedral we visited is the largest in all of Italy. The duomo took 600 years to build and is breathtakingly beautiful.

Here’s the coolest part – we got to climb some stairs up to the roof!! Yes, that’s right I got to see Milan panorama style.

The Galleria near the Duomo.

That was pretty much our first day. It ended with a nice dinner at the hotel where we all learned Happy Birthday in Italian. There are many birthdays this week so I’ll have a chance to practice. Miss you all! Ciao!

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